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Shohei ​@fshowtolive





Shoe Size:27.5cm

​Birthday:14th January 1997

Hometown:Kurashiki, Okayama,  Japan

Blood Type: A

Personality Type: Highly Sensitive INFJ

*Encountered Football Freestyle when he was 11years old.

He played football in junior high and high school. During the period, he learned the basic of freestyle by his own.

He finally focused on freestyle in Street Dance Club of Wakayama Univesity. ​Combined with breakdance skills, he created the dynamic style.

After he got three-peat show champion in Japan(Showbox), he went to Manchester, UK. He improved his skill through street performances.

In 2020, he won a show category in World Open Championship(Superball2020).

Even after he came back to Japan, he's been creating various big moves.

After 2years activity in Sapporo, Hokkaido,​ at last in 2023, he moved into Kanto area, centre of Japan, started a new fslife as a member of Monsterballaz/AirTechnician the biggest freestyle crew in the world.


Private Lesson

​Basic, Skill Up, Body Control, Strong Move, Freeze,,if you would like to learn these and improve your Freestyle,

I will be your sensei. 

Payment method is going to be a bank transfer.

The account details and schedule will be shared via email.

Message me from the form down below, please mention the course you want to apply.


Application 受付

New Arrivals

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