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Silent Hope Orchestra (S.H.O) was created by Shohei's concept. 

Initially, hoping for a place to support people mentally, finally, established as a spiritual life brand.

Depression, anxiety, trauma,,darkness devours your inner energy and you will lose true YOU.

Mental health matters.

And all of us need to see inner universe within us so you can truly live.

​Opening the door into the formless

Flowers, Crystals, Birds,

these three beings have played an important part in the evolution of human consciousness since ancient times.


Seeing beautify could awaken humans


Flowers, more fleeting and more delicate than the plants out of which they emerged, would become messengers from a formless world.

How can rocks, impenetrable and the densest, turn into crystal and so become transparent to the light?

Birds defy the force of gravity that held them so long, transcended crawling and walking entirely.

Their special significance fascinates humans,

but important thing is that it's not because of its physical form or appearance, but its ethereal nature.

​Most important thing is what we can not see.

Every single being is vibrating and creating waves, and resonates each other moulding our world.

That is also an energy, so you can feel or connect it to deepen your universe.

Keep Hope Alive

Even if you are in the depth of the valley,

you shall see the light that guides you home where hope is waiting.

I know these words can not help you at all.

We, you are broken,

but why?

because you are beautiful, delicate, sensitive, pure beings.

And if you are aware of this truth, you will remember who you really are.

​The universe.

Star Formation
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Light and Darkness

If there is no darkness, there is no light.
If there is no light, there is no darkness.

You often see the 
Let's see, there are two fishes, black one and white one.
Each one is trying to eat the other, circling around.
Then what if the one consumes the other,
what will it remain?
No one.
The one kill the other only to kill itself.

This is the fundamental concept when you think of Zen.

Everything must be balanced.
Accept your darkness,
and you will be aware of your light.


Psychic ​Protection

We still need to protect ourselves from vicious beings which are often recognised as ghosts.

Here are what I do to keep negative energy away from me.

Take sunlight in your body and your house.

Dusty, dark, untidy room might be the place for evil to reside.

Make your home comfortable to you.

Put crystal besides you and room.

Crystal choose you, but you can check the efficacy of Power-stone. 

If something is going wrong, use water or sunlight, moonlight, cluster of crystal to cleanse them.

Burn incense to fill the room with scent.

This helps cleansing your room-air.

Meditate to create invisible bubble around you.

​It will protect you from a lot of stresses in the ordinary life.

Just imagine when you breathe, the bubble is made and

no one will hurt you.


Touch the nature.

You can earth electricity and let the negative energy go.

And you will be given the beautiful power from them. 

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