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Shohei Fujimoto

Hight 171cm

Weight 65kg

Shoe Size 27.5cm

Hometown   Kurashiki, Okayama,  Japan


Encountered Football Freestyle when he was 11years old.

He played football in junior high and high school. During the period,

he learned the basic of freestyle by his own.

He finally focused on freestyle in Street Dance Club of Wakayama Univesity.

​Combined with breakdance skill, he created the dynamic style.

After he got three-peat show champion in Japan, he went to Manchester, UK.

He improved his skill through street performances.

Wondered around Europe, he also enhanced some sense of spirituality.

In 2020, he won a show category in World Open Championship.

Even after he came back to Japan, he's been creating various big moves.

​At last in 2023, he moved into Tokyo, started a new fslife as Monsterballaz/AirTechnician biggest freestyle crew in the world.

Superball2020 Routine 1st place

Superball2020 Battle Best16

Superball2022 Routine Best5

JFFC2016 Best16

JFFC2017 Best32

JFFC2018 Best8

JFFC2021 Best8

JFFC2022 Best4

Make the most of it 1st place

Showbox vol1~3 1st place

Redbull Street Style 2020 online 1st stage Judge

WORLD Of DANCE Japan 2nd place 




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